East Coast Ports Replace The West As Nation’s Busiest

East Coast Ports Replace The West As Nation's Busiest

In a sign of the ever-changing times, the ports of New York and New Jersey have taken over as the busiest in the nation, surpassing the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach after many years. The passing of the baton has also led to a change in the nation’s most congested ports. In the early to mid-stages of the pandemic, the congestion at West Coast ports was one of the big snags in the supply chain. Many companies switched volumes from West Coast to East Coast, lightening the traffic in California, yet tying it up in New York, New Jersey, and even Savannah.

Part of the reason for the change in port selection from one coast to the other is an ongoing threat of labor strikes or lockouts at the Port of Los Angeles. While the East Coast port authorities are celebrating the uptick in business, the result is not without its downsides. The backup at East Coast ports is averaging around eight to nine days spent waiting offshore. However, there are signs that may begin to relax as consumer demand equates to fewer container ships making their way to the States. In the meantime, expect rates to stay higher on the East Coast, while falling on the West Coast.

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