Why Warehouse Design Projects Crash and Burn

11 Reasons Why Warehouse Design Projects Crash and Burn

11 Reasons Why Warehouse Design Projects Crash and Burn Despite best intentions, warehouse design projects often “crash and burn.” As much as 30% of OPSdesign’s […]

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11 Ways to Lose Your Supply Chain Job

11 Ways to Lose Your Supply Chain Job

Failure to understand new technologies and adapt to a morphing supply chain can end your career. The efficiency and effectiveness of these supply chains have […]

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Pick This

“Pick This” A Compendium Of Piece-Picking Process Alternatives” – Designing E-Commerce Operations

The book “Pick This! A Compendium of Piece-Picking Process Alternatives” is intended to provide practical guidance to the complex landscape of distribution logistics. The efficiency […]

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Socially Responsible Supply Chain

Building a Socially Responsible Supply Chain

A new European-based socially responsible supply chain initiative just got a boost from a host of big new corporate members. Called Telos, the initiative aims […]

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Drone Delivery

Drone Delivery Clears Major Hurdle

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) just granted drone delivery company Zipline permission to fly its drones beyond the visual line of sight. In doing so, […]

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Item-Master Data Accuracy

Item-Master Data Accuracy: The Basis of Supply Chain Efficacy

The item-master file is the bedrock upon which modern supply chains are built. In the complex world of modern supply chains, accuracy is the cornerstone […]

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AV Trucking

AV Trucking Receives Pushback from State Governments

AV Trucking (Autonomous Vehicle Trucking) is getting a bit of pushback from a number of state governments. The success of the supply chain is dependent […]

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Internet connectivity

Internet Connectivity: An Often Overlooked Warehouse Necessity

Now more than ever, Internet connectivity is paramount to modern warehouse operations. Best practices dictate that to optimize a warehouse, you must integrate modern technology. […]

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Labor Shortage in Supply Chain Management

Managing the Labor Shortage in Supply Chain Management

Ask anyone in supply chain management, and the labor shortage is likely at the top of the list for ongoing challenges. Turnover is high, hiring […]

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Supply Chain Management Failure

A Recipe for Supply Chain Management Failure

Avoiding supply chain management failure is just as important as working toward supply chain management successes.  Effective supply chain management is crucial for the success […]

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G-20 Summit

G-20 Summit Brings Supply Chain Opportunities

While the purpose of the recent G-20 summit was international relations, one of its results is a potential boon to supply chain management. The United […]

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Warehouse Design vs Warehouse Operation

Warehouse Design vs Warehouse Operation | Designing the Bakery vs Making the Donuts

Let’s look at warehouse design vs warehouse operation. The “making the donuts” versus “designing the bakery” analogy provides a powerful perspective on the complex relationship […]

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EV Trucks

EV Trucks: An Industry Advancement on the Rise

Logistics companies are considering EV trucks, for a growing number of reasons. As the world attempts to wean off fossil fuels in an effort to […]

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Generative AI in Shipping

The Use of Generative AI in Shipping

Logistics companies are hoping that generative AI will help them with most supply chain tasks in the near future. Visibility is key in today’s supply […]

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