Supply Chain Engineers and Consultants

Who We Are

OPSdesign ConsultingTM is an independent supply chain logistics consulting organization specializing in the design of warehousing, distribution, and e-commerce fulfillment operations. Our Supply Chain Consultants, Engineers, Analysts, and Project Managers study your business; identify and compare alternatives (processes, systems, infrastructure, and labor); design highly efficient, flexible, and scalable supply chain operations; and always protect your interests. Our designs range from the functionally pragmatic to some of the most highly automated supply chain operations on the planet.

Ethics and Independence

As unbiased client advocates, we do NOT sell or benefit from the sale of equipment or software. We do NOT engage in partnerships with vendors. We do NOT accept commissions or finder’s fees from vendors. We do NOT engage in joint marketing programs with vendors. We have a single source of revenue, client-paid fees. Our accountants will provide an affidavit proving we have never accepted a dime from anyone other than our clients, thereby safeguarding your operational efficacy and financial goals.

What We Do

  • Warehouse, Distribution, and e-commerce Operations Design - New or Re-engineered
  • Supply Chain Consulting, Strategy Development, and Master Planning
  • Location Modeling, Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Network Analysis
  • Operations Audits – Warehouse Gap Analysis Current vs. Best Practice
  • Mechanization, Automation, and Robotics Rationalization and Design
  • Industrial Engineering, Process Analysis, and Optimization
  • Manufacturing, Assembly, Kitting, and Value-Added Services Design
  • Benchmarking, Performance Metrics, and Organizational Analysis
  • Computer Simulation, Predictive Analysis, and Sensitivity Testing
  • Third-Party Logistics - 3PL Insource or Outsource
  • Interim Supply Chain Operations Leadership and Key Staff Augmentation
  • Project Management, Systems Integration, and Implementation
  • Material Handling and Storage Equipment Specification and Selection
  • Supply Chain Information Systems Specification and Selection
  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Barcode, PTL, Voice, and RFID Systems Specification and Selection

Achieve strategic advantage and tactical superiority

Add Value

Reduce Cost

Assure Quality

Compress Time

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Warehouse Design

Designing a new or retrofitted warehouse, distribution, or e-commerce fulfillment operation is a rare opportunity to engineer the high service-level/low-cost solution. We analyze processes, systems, infrastructure, and labor alternatives to achieve strategic, tactical, and financial goals.

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Supply Chain Consulting

Supply chain planning defines strategic service levels, identifies mission-critical performance metrics, and develops tactical methods to integrate sales, marketing, and supply chain operations elements (S&OP). Exceed customer expectations and achieve your ROI goals.

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Distribution Network Planning

Geographic distribution network computer modeling develops a more resilient, adaptable, and efficient supply chain footprint. Questions answered: How many DCs and where? What inventory in each and which customers to serve?

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Interim Leadership & Project Management

Supply Chain Interim Leadership and Project Management services relieve the burden associated with business change, systems integration, or implementation projects. We put boots on the ground to manage warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment operations initiatives.

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Project Experience

CLIENTS: OPSdesign client engagements include large, prestigious, publicly traded companies as well as small and mid-sized privately held firms seeking to add value, reduce cost, assure quality, compress time, and achieve strategic advantage and tactical superiority™. We develop long-lasting relationships with our clients and most of our business is the result of repeat-engagement or referral.

INDUSTRIES: Aerospace, Agriculture, Apparel, Appliance, Automotive, Aviation, Beverage, Biotech, Building Materials, Chemical, Communications, Computers, Construction, Consumer Products, Electrical, Electronics, Energy, Environmental, Fabrication, Food, Fragrances, Furniture, Government, Health and Beauty, Home Furnishings, Jewelry, Life Sciences, Machinery, Military, Mining, Nutritional Supplements, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Publishing, Printing, Retail, Scientific, Sports and Recreation, Technology, Textiles, Third-Party Logistics, Transportation, and Utilities.

MARKET CHANNELS: Business-to-Business (B2B), Import, Export, Wholesale Distribution, Retail Store Replenishment, E-commerce, Direct-to-Consumer (DTC), Third-Party Logistics (3PL), Manufacturing/Assembly Support.

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