Warehouse Design Consultants

Design Highly Efficient Warehousing, Distribution, and E-commerce Operations

Designing a new or retrofitted warehouse, distribution, or e-commerce fulfillment operation is a rare opportunity to engineer the high service-level / low-cost solution. We analyze and compare processes, systems, infrastructure, and labor alternatives to achieve your strategic, tactical, and financial supply chain logistics goals.

Our proven approach moves seamlessly from documenting current operating conditions, data crunching, alternative concept development, and comparative analysis to design detailing. Because we are not predisposed to any particular solution or brand (see our stand on independence and ethics), our designs are driven solely by your service level objectives and return-on-investment criteria. We engage in a collaborative effort with your team to develop flexible, scalable operations that achieve high levels of productivity, accuracy, and cost efficiency while mitigating risk.

Questions Answered

Our Consultants, Engineers, and Analysts answer these and many more questions. 

  • How many warehousing/distribution centers (DCs) are optimal?
  • What size should each DC be?
  • Where should each facility be located geographically?
  • What inventory should be housed in each DC?
  • Which customers should be served from each DC?
  • What is the ideal combination of processes, systems, infrastructure, and labor that will produce high-service levels, low cost, flexibility, scalability and mitigate risk?

We blend “the art and the science” by leveraging decades of successful supply chain operations management and design-engineering experience.

Our operations leadership staff has held executive, management, and supervisory positions running large name-brand omni-channel warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment operations and networks. This real-world operational proficiency in conjunction with our disciplined industrial engineering-based approach to data analysis, design year volumetric requirements planning, and comparative analysis of alternatives (Process, Systems, Infrastructure, and Labor) uniquely positions us to deliver valuable and actionable solutions.