Considering AI? Check These Boxes First

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be infusing every industry these days, and supply chain management is no exception. That said, most companies are still a long way from fully implementing AI into their operations or even understanding the role that integrated AI can play. Before adding sophisticated technology for technology’s sake, it’s key to grasp what benefits AI can provide to supply chain management, and then identify the steps to take prior to implementation.

The biggest reason for investigating AI for your supply chain is that it can capture and provide deep insights into your operations. The visibility is richer and more granular than you would be able to access otherwise. But all of that is unachievable if first you don’t focus on all the basic, foundational elements underneath AI. These include change management, which is likely needed; updating your processes; successfully implementing and integrating your software solutions, and creating a strategic roadmap. Once you’ve checked all those boxes and taken a holistic approach to your operations, you can begin to consider how AI can optimize the many links in your supply chain.

Where is your operation on the journey to AI implementation?