Supply Chain Optimization

Last-Mile Delivery Demands

Meeting Last-Mile Delivery Demands

Last-mile delivery has become one of the most important components of the supply chain in the past few years. With the massive uptick in e-commerce, […]

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Evolution of Barcodes

Evolution of Barcodes: From Linear to Two-Dimensional and Gs1

Barcodes have become integral to modern society, revolutionizing how we track and manage products. Their evolution has been remarkable from their humble beginnings as linear […]

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Geographic Center of Gravity (GOC)

Geographic Center of Gravity (GOC) Distribution Network Modeling

Geographic center of gravity (GOC) computer models balance inbound/outbound freight costs (ocean, rail, container, truckload, LTL, parcel, and white glove) with strategic service levels to […]

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OTIF thresholds

OTIF – Beating On Time In Full Thresholds

For suppliers of a large retailers, OTIF thresholds are likely here to stay. For the past several years, suppliers to companies like Walmart and Kroger […]

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future of the supply chain

The Future of the Supply Chain

The future of the supply chain is poised to undergo significant transformation, driven by advancements in technology, shifts in consumer behavior, and the imperative to […]

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The Power of RFID In A Modern Supply Chain

The Power of RFID In A Modern Supply Chain

Consumers are more demanding than ever, and every segment of the modern supply chain can agree on that. Managing those growing expectations and demands is […]

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Semiconductor Industry

Navigating The Quake: Enhancing Supply Chain Resilience In The Semiconductor Industry

The recent earthquake that shook Taiwan has sent ripples through the global semiconductor industry, amplifying concerns about the fragility of the intricacy of the supply […]

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Reactive Initiatives

Turn Reactive Initiatives into Proactive Engines of Innovation

Turn reactive initiatives into proactive engines of innovation by engaging independent supply chain consultants and fostering ongoing advisor relationships to proactively navigate the evolving supply […]

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VR in the Supply Chain

AR and VR in the Supply Chain

This white paper serves as a guide to the role of AR and VR in the supply chain. Integrating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality […]

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Geofencing Technology

Using Geofencing Technology for Supply Chain Optimization

Using geofencing technology to trigger automated actions or notifications can greatly improve supply chain operations. This real-time tracking and event-triggering capability make geofencing a powerful […]

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Leveraging Cycle Counting

Leveraging Cycle Counting to Achieve 99.9% Inventory Accuracy

Avoid shutting down operations for days by breaking inventory audits into smaller portions using cycle counting on a regular schedule. Learn the advantages and strategies […]

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Cubic Velocity by SKU and Cubic Inventory by SKU

Cubic Velocity by SKU and Cubic Inventory by SKU

The incorporation of cubic velocity by SKU and cubic inventory by SKU marks a significant leap forward in the realm of warehouse management. Do the […]

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Optimizing Supply Chains

Optimizing Supply Chains: Digital Transformation, Risk Management & Data Analytics

Optimizing supply chains to achieve real-time visibility, adapt to disruptions, and make informed decisions that drive sustainable growth is the goal of every supply chain […]

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Mechanization, Automation and Robotics

Mechanization, Automation and Robotics in Supply Chain Operations

In an era where efficiency and competitiveness define success, the integration of mechanization, automation, and robotics within warehousing operations has emerged as a critical strategy […]

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digital twins

Using Digital Twins in Supply Chain Modeling

What are digital twins and how can they make the supply chain more efficient? As the supply chain becomes ever more digitized and automated, companies […]

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Generative AI in the Supply Chain

Uses for Generative AI in the Supply Chain

Let’s look at uses for generative AI in the supply chain. From manufacturing to warehousing, transportation and end customers, supply chain partners are figuring out […]

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Robotics in the Supply Chain

5 Major Types of Robotics in the Supply Chain

Robotics in the supply chain, whether at manufacturing sites or in distribution centers, aren’t new. But their rapid adoption over the past few years is. […]

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Supply Chain Resiliency

Supply Chain Resiliency Through Efficient Distribution Networks

The field of supply chain management has evolved significantly in recent years, with businesses recognizing the importance of building resilient and efficient distribution networks. As […]

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Autonomous Ride-Hail Services

Autonomous Ride-Hail Services are Revolutionizing Mobility

Autonomous ride-hail services are reshaping the transportation landscape as we know it. Companies such as Honda, GM, Cruise, Zoox, and others are at the forefront […]

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Food Supply Chain

Strengthening the Food Supply Chain

The food supply chain is a fragile ecosystem. We don’t have to tell you that food prices at the grocery store remain high and that […]

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AI in Logistics

Using AI in Logistics: Little Adoption – Big Possibilities

The use of AI in Logistics is often discussed but seldom implemented. The world loves buzzwords, and the supply chain management industry is not immune […]

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Multitasking Fallacy

The Multitasking Fallacy in Supply Chain Operations

In the modern world, where time is a precious commodity, multitasking has become a buzzword. The ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously is often hailed […]

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The Magic Conveyor Belt

The Magic Conveyor Belt – Supply Chain Management Explained

A book titled “The Magic Conveyor Belt” does an exceptionally good job of explaining the supply chain. Until a few years ago, explaining your role […]

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