Operations Audits

Gap Analysis Current vs. Best Practice

A warehouse operations audit is a cost-effective means of identifying opportunities and providing order of magnitude quantification between the current state and best supply chain practices. Our audit team, typically consisting of a Senior Supply Chain Consultant and an Engineer-Analyst, will visit and observe your operation to identify the gap between existing conditions and that which is possible. An operational scorecard report will be generated detailing the delta in up to 100 sub-categories within the sections below:

  • Supplier and Inbound Management
  • Receiving and Inbound Q/C
  • Put-Away and Replenishment
  • Inventory Control and Storage
  • Item Maintenance, Slotting, and Replenishment
  • Housekeeping
  • Picking and Packing
  • Value-Added Services
  • Load Consolidation and Shipping
  • Carrier and Outbound Management
  • Warehouse-Related IT Systems
  • KPIs and Performance Metrics
  • Risk Mitigation

To define supply chain logistics opportunities, it is critical to understand where you are on the operational continuum. OPSdesign’s operations audits can focus on a single process; a warehouse, distribution, or e-commerce fulfillment operation; or include a holistic view of the entire supply chain network. The depth and breadth of our studies are entirely scalable based on your unique goals and objectives.

These initiatives often uncover low-hanging fruit and can help you develop plans for short-term and long-term improvements in keeping with your strategic goals (high productivity and service levels, while minimizing operational costs). Following the operational audit, OPSdesign can perform subsequent re-engineering and optimization projects if the results support such action.