Process Analysis and Optimization

Engineer Efficiency - Cut Waste Out of Your Supply Chain Operations

OPSdesign supply chain process analysis and optimization initiatives can identify and eliminate wasted travel, redundant handling, bottlenecks, unnecessary touch points, and other non-value-added process elements in your warehouse, distribution center, or e-commerce operations.

Before embarking on any new warehouse, distribution, or fulfillment operations design or re-engineering initiative, it is imperative to fully understand and map the current processes and business practices. Once defined, the gap between current and optimized processes can be identified and alternatives can be developed to bridge the chasm. Automating or mechanizing a bad process will simply cause “bad things” to happen faster. A comparative analysis of alternatives must consider service impact, capacity, throughput, capital cost, recurring cost, labor requirements, flexibility, scalability, implementation difficulty and risk.

OPSdesign time and motion and/or engineered standards initiatives can uncover opportunities to add value, reduce cost, assure quality, and compress time within your operations.

While we’ve successfully designed and deployed some of the most highly mechanized and automated operations on the planet, we’ve also designed some of the most “functionally pragmatic” operations as well. Identifying and eliminating unnecessary “fingerprints and footsteps” is a prerequisite for designing and operating efficient operations.