Human Machine Interface (HMI) Specification and Selection

Barcode, Pick-To-Light (PTL), Voice and RFID Systems Specification and Selection

Independently or in conjunction with supply chain information systems planning projects, OPSdesign Consulting can help you specify and source the needed information technology data collection peripherals and human/machine interface devices. We have successfully worked with a variety of systems and technology platforms ranging from Barcode Scanning to Voice Recognition Systems and RFID.

OPSdesign Consulting can help you specify and source the needed supply chain information systems Human-Machine Interface (HMI) to support the optimal process flow and accurately capture and transmit data in real-time. We develop generic functional specifications and bid documents and can administer a sealed competitive bid process among vendors of your choice. After you receive and open bids, we can perform a comparative analysis of vendor responses, allowing you to make informed vendor choices.

We start by developing functional requirements documents which detail the operational characteristics, volumetrics, process/data flow, reporting, and systems interface requirements. These features are then incorporated into formal bid documents (Request for Proposals) which define the project goals and objectives as well as vendor performance mandates, schedule, and compliance requirements.

Our experienced engineers, analysts, and consultants can administer a sealed bid process on your behalf and perform a comparative analysis among the vendor responses. Our depth of experience allows us to perform qualitative and quantitative analyses which arm our clients with the information needed to make “apples to apples” comparisons (reducing cost and risk).

OPSdesign’s unbiased approach and sealed bid process ensure that the full spectrum of supplier alternatives are examined and that your fiscal interests are protected in the process. As a result, we have worked successfully with numerous vendors in a variety of technology platforms based on our client’s preferences and the distinctive requirements of their supply chain information systems project.

  • Paper or Label Pick Tickets
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Pick-To-Light
  • Put-To-Light
  • Voice Recognition Systems
  • Computer Vision Systems
  • Radio-Frequency Data Transmission
  • Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Proximity Sensing Devices
  • Laser Tracking
  • Infrared Positioning
  • LIDAR Systems
  • Virtual Reality
  • Vision Systems
  • Wire Guidance
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)