OSP Technology supply chain network image

OPSdesign Consulting™ is committed to leveraging a sophisticated technology infrastructure, webportal, and robust application software to provide our clients with timely, cost-effective, and efficient data collection, analysis, design, modeling, and validation services.

Our consultants, analysts, and engineers often harvest, clean, manipulate, and validate millions of historical transactions in order to build the base model upon which any operations engineering effort will be based. As a result, the following specification is typical of our minimum requirements for all of the workstations in our network:

Our operating systems is Microsoft Windows XP Professional®, powering an application suite centered upon the Microsoft® Office Professional product including: Access®, Excel®, FrontPage®, InfoPath®, Live Communications Server®, Live Meeting®, OneNote®, Outlook®, PowerPoint®, Project®, Publisher®, SharePoint Portal Server®, Visio®, and Word®.

OPSdesign Consulting™ uses the AutoCAD® (by Autodesk®) family of computer-aided design (CAD) applications for two-dimensional and three-dimensional plan renditions. Members of our staff are also trained in the use of AutoMod®, Arena®, Quest®, and OptiSite® computer simulation modeling software.

Additionally, we have developed a variety of proprietary tools, subroutines, templates, and algorithms specifically engineered to address warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment operations design issues. We believe in furnishing our people the most advanced tools and training in order to provide the greatest possible value to our clients.