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OPSdesign Consulting™ employs a multidisciplinary team approach, seamlessly blending the talents of senior operations professionals and technology-savvy engineers, analysts, and computer scientists. Our people are not afraid to trade their ties and wingtips for a pair of work-boots and a scan-gun in order to understand the nuances of our client’s business practices. We are equally comfortable with our role in the boardroom and on the warehouse floor.

While we embrace high-level supply chain strategic theory, we are grounded by our familiarity with the nuts and bolts of material handling infrastructure, information systems, and the complex and ever-changing dynamics of warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment operations. Our specialOPS™ project teams are lean and agile. We work as part of our client’s team and are adept at coordinating activities with external resources such as real estate firms, developers, contractors, architects and civil, structural, and mechanical engineers.

Our project managers are experienced and skilled at administering complex project plans, freeing our clients to attend to their daily executive, managerial, administrative, and operational responsibilities.