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Our services are broadly categorized into four major project phases:

The OPSdesign™ project phases form a concise framework aimed at answering key warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment operations questions. These questions and the associated initiatives which yield quantitative and qualitative answers are illustrated below:




Where are you on the operational continuum? distribution design Discovery supply chain design Warehousing, Distribution and Fulfillment Operations Audits; Supply Chain Opportunity (Data Mining) Analysis; Distribution Organization / Staff Charting; Documentation of Existing Systems and Processes; Identification of Pain Points warehouse design strategy.
Where do you want to be? fulfilment design Strategy warehouse distribution Supply Chain Strategy Development and Master Planning; Development of Unique Supply Chain Value Proposition (USCVP)𔇵; Customer Supply Chain Requirements Research and Vision Initiatives; Location Modeling, Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution Network Analysis; Vendor/Supplier Collaboration and Compliance Analysis distribution design planning.
How do you get there? distribution planning Planning supply chain warehousing Space Requirements Planning; Site Development and Facilities Planning; Warehousing, Distribution, and Fulfillment Operations Design; Manual, Mechanized, and Automated Systems Comparative Analysis; Material Handling Infrastructure, Systems, and Process Engineering and Re-Engineering; SKU Profiling and Velocity Slotting Initiatives; Computer Simulation Modeling, Predictive Analysis, and Sensitivity Testing material handling.
How do you make it happen? supply chain network planning Implementation Development and Maintenance of Project Schedule and Budget; Project Management and Administration; Supply Chain Systems Requirements Analysis, Specification; Development, and Bid Administration; Development of Standard Process Manuals by Function; Formation of Staffing Requirements, Job Descriptions, and Definition of Duties; Pilot Testing and Training Lab Development; Production of Demonstration Scripts and Administration of Acceptance Testing operation consultant.