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OPSdesign Consulting™ (a trademark of Operations Design, Inc.) is an independent supply chain consulting organization specializing in the design of warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment operations.

Engineered to be different…

OPSdesign™ was formed to fill the gap between academic theory and practical application. While we embrace high-level supply chain strategic hypotheses, we are grounded by our familiarity with the nuts and bolts of material handling infrastructure, information systems, and the complex and ever-changing dynamics of warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment operations. We design flexible, scalable systems that smooth operational turbulence and mitigate risk.

Our company structure, our approach, and our methodology have been deliberately engineered to yield a different, more productive consulting experience. We enjoy this stuff, we are good at it, and our enthusiasm is evident in our work! Perhaps that is why more than 30% of our workload has been picking up the pieces and successfully finishing projects that other consulting firms started.

Delivering real results…

We are proud of the fact that the large majority of our work comes from satisfied clients who choose to reengage our services or recommend us to others. Virtually all of our distribution network and warehouse design recommendations have been successfully implemented; a statement that few consultants can make.

OPSdesign Consulting™ has been specifically engineered to help our clients add value, reduce cost, assure quality, compress time, and achieve strategic advantage and tactical superiority™. We are driven by a desire to add value to the consulting experience and our clients attest to the fact that our professional fees are often minor in comparison to the ongoing savings we help them achieve.

Our designs range from the functionally pragmatic to some of the most innovative, technologically advanced, and tactically superior operations on the planet. Since we have no vested interest in equipment or software our technology application recommendations are guided only by our client’s desired service levels and return on investment objectives.

Built upon experience…

Lawrence Dean Shemesh founded OPSdesign Consulting™ following 7 years in operations, marketing, and customer service roles; 10 years in material handling systems design and integration; and 5 years as the leading Partner/Senior Consultant with a nationally recognized logistics consulting organization. His vision is the foundation upon which the OPSdesign approach and methodology has been built.

OPSdesign™ professionals are experienced in a wide variety of industries and market channels including aerospace, apparel, appliance, automotive, building products, catalog, chemical, communication, computer, consumer products, electronics, food, fragrance, government, jewelry, military, pharmaceutical, publishing, retail, technology, third-party logistics, transportation, and utilities. Our experience spans consumer-direct, wholesale distribution, retail replenishment, and manufacturing support environments.

Our work follows the path of the supply chain and brings us beyond the borders of the United States to Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Latin America, and the Far East.

We employ a multidisciplinary team approach, seamlessly blending the talents of seasoned operations professionals and technology-savvy engineers, analysts, and computer scientists. Our specialOPS™ project teams are lean and agile; ever focused on achieving your mission critical goals. You will find that we play well with others, navigate the pitfalls and politics, and help you successfully reach the target.

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